Stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace – what does the data show?

Stress, depression and anxiety are all disorders that can have extremely serious effects for the sufferer. The Health and Safety Executive list quite a few, of varying ranges of severity and scope.

It’s acknowledged that in some cases these can be brought on by problems in the workplace; an issue that desperately needs addressing and resolving given the criticality of paid work in most people’s lives.

Most years, a Labour Force Survey is carried out within the UK, to gain information as to the prevalence and characteristics of people reporting suffering from these conditions in the workplace. Please click through below and explore the tabs to see what the latest edition’s data showed.

Some example questions to consider:

  • how many people in the UK have suffered stress, anxiety or depression as a result of their work in the UK?
  • are some types of people more often affected than others?
  • are certain types of jobs more prone to inducing stress than others? Are there any obvious patterns?
  • does the industry one works in make any difference?
  • how many working days are lost due to these conditions?


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