Quantified-self products of the future – an exhibition

Dublin Science Gallery have got a very data-focused exhibition on until April 17th, on the sort-of hot topic of “lifelogging”, that ever-increasing hobby of tracking not only one’s Fitbit steps but most anything one can vaguely quantify about one’s life.

It sounds like one of the funnest parts of it might be Karl Toomey’s “lifelogging products of the future” area. Here he imagines, albeit possibly slightly toungue-in-cheek, a set of future commercial products perfectly tailored to those of us who track. The gravestone pictured above looks to be a particular highlight, and one I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already went for.

A life with 92% positive eBay feedback is surely a life well lived. The only thing that’s missing really is the deceased’s Klout score.

The buying Justin Bieber’s tracked data vision must surely be a winner if there’s already companies offering to buy and sell even the data of the non-famous, be it social, recreational, geographical or anything else crunchable,

Exhibition also apparently features the always-beautiful Feltron report and much more.

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