Free data: Constituency Explorer – UK demographics, politics, behaviour

From some combination of the Office of National Statistics, the House of Commons and Durham library comes Constituency Explorer.

Constituency Explorer

Billing itself as “reliable evidence for politicians and journalists – data for everyone”, it allows interactive visualisation of many interesting demographics/behavioural/political attributes by UK political constituency. It’s easy to view distributions and compare between a specific contstituency, the region and the country on topics like

  • 2010 election results (turnout and results)
  • vehicle ownership
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • travel to work
  • household composition
  • qualifications
  • etc. etc.

Each chart has also a “download this data” link at the bottom left, which I would assume should give you a nice integratable spreadsheet/xml/something – but at the time of writing unfortunately one gets a “not found” error…

There’s also a fun “how well do you know your constituency” quiz which is nice for comparing one’s media-fueled perception of a given area to reality.

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