Every death in the Game of Thrones – a visualisation

TBronn is the #1 killerhe Washington Post published a nice visualisation concerning the many, many deaths in Game of Thrones yesterday – apparently there have been 456 such violent extravaganzas.

Coded by season, allegiance, importance of character, method of death and other such metadata it gives a nice refresh of the important parts of the storyline. Find out which location was deadliest, which character has the most kills and other such fascinating and vital facts.

One has to love the understated nature of the associated data. They record the death of Oberyn as being “Method category: Hands” which, whilst undoubtedly accurate, does not entirely set the scene as to the horror-fest that is more elucidated by Time magazine’s description of it as “his head popped like a grape”.

It certainly made me pull a face not dissimilar to the expression of the unfortunate bystander below.

Reaction to Oberyn's death

Of course the scene is on Youtube if you really must re-view.

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